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Dr. William Emerson

Dr. Emerson was born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska, and moved his wife Ronnie and three children to Fairbanks in 2009. He attended Palmer Chiropractic College in Davenport, Iowa, which is the oldest and most prestigious chiropractic college in the world, and received his Doctorate of Chiropractic in 1998. Through his interests in total health as well as nutrition's role in health and healing, he went back to school and received his second doctorate in Clinical Nutrition in 2011. In addition to holding two doctorates, he earned a diplomat from the American Academy of Medical and Legal Professionals, which specializes in motor vehicle accident trauma and has extensive post-graduate coursework in spinal MRI interpretation and disc injury diagnosis.

Growing up in Alaska, Dr. Emerson was a competitive athlete and continues to enjoy playing hockey and softball. In addition to playing sports, he is constantly donating his time to youth sports through coaching. In fact, it's a good bet that if he's not in the office working, he is either at the ice rink or on the baseball fields coaching. "I love what I do professionally, but there is something extremely rewarding in coaching and teaching kids the games that I love and grew up playing," Dr. Emerson states.

Dr. Emerson is dedicated to providing Fairbanks quality, personalized chiropractic care so that each patient can achieve optimal health. He is enthusiastic about helping patients reach their full potential through chiropractic care so that they can enjoy all of the activities that our beautiful state has to offer. 

Dr. Bill McAfee

Dr. McAfee has been in Fairbanks, Alaska since 1963. He has a B.A. in PE from U of A Fairbanks, a B.S. in General Science, M.S. in Sports Physiology. He become a D.C (Doctor of Chiropractic). in 1996 when he graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic. He is an advanced practice chiropractic physician and also a Fellow of Clinical Electrodiagnosis, AACE. 

He provides natural pain control injections, headache/migraine relief, Fibromyalgia care, non surgical degenerative joint repair, dry needling, Vitamin shots, and chiropractic care. He also performs Nerve conduction velocity (NCV) and Electromyography (EMG) testing. 

Dr. Leon Fazzio

Dr. Leon J. Fazzio III is a second generation chiropractor; his brother is also a chiropractor. His pre-chiropractic studies began at Southwest Texas State University. Following his undergraduate studies, Dr. Fazzio enrolled at Texas Chiropractic College in 1991. His studies included Neuroanatomy, Radiology, Biochemistry, Nutrition, as well as many other subjects. After graduating in 1994, Dr. Fazzio practiced in Houston, Texas for 20 years. In September 2014, he began practicing in Fairbanks, Alaska.

Dr. Fazzio utilizes diversified and activator techniques to assist his patients with achieving their health and lifestyle goals. He also uses myofascial release techniques to reduce muscle spasms and increase blood flow to hypoxic muscles. His professional experiences are helpful in designing active rehabilitation programs for patients to regain strength and balance for core and postural musculature. He has extensive knowledge of current chiropractic research and the numerous benefits for many spinal issues and health issues. Outside of providing quality chiropractic care, he loves to spend time playing golf, traveling, hunting, and fishing. He continually strives to provide the highest quality care to all of his patients and improve their quality of life.

Matt Priebe, LAc

Matt grew up in a small town in central Minnesota. After graduating from the University of MN-Duluth with a B.A. in English Literature, he attended the American Academy of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine in Roseville, Minnesota. In 2010, he graduated from AAAOM and opened his own office, where he practiced acupuncture for 8 years before moving to Fairbanks, Alaska. 

He is a nationally certified acupuncturist practicing Traditional Chinese Medicine, which is a whole body approach to achieving optimal wellness. He also uses Trigger Point Acupuncture. which focuses on tight, painful knotted muscles. When Matt isn't working, he enjoys being outdoors, hunting, fishing, and spending time with family and friends.

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